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Understanding your bike
A few basic rules
Satisfaction guaranteed


16 june (max 15 moto)
Sansepolcro (AR)
€ 160

21 July (min 12 moto)
Misanino Kart Circuit
€ 190

Understanding your bike – A few basic rules – Satisfaction guaranteed

Using videos, photos and spare parts that everyone can handle, our experts will explain how the suspension really works, its internal mechanics and how it can be regulated.

But theory is not enough. You need to do something practical to help you to fully understand how everything works, and what could be better than getting on your bike?

After you’ve turned upside down everything you thought you knew, feeling what’s happening to your bike as you ride it will consolidate your new found knowledge.

Our experts will regulate your bikes

and let you feel the difference it makes, then they’ll show you how to do it, too. Just like professional racing drivers, you’ll be able to discuss it all with the professionals and tell them what you think. The type of bike and its capacity will be analysed and it will be individually regulated so you’ll be safer when you ride and you’ll be able to enjoy the whole experience even more.

Join us on one of the dates we have chosen, or fix a date just for you and your friends.

Costs include:
– Theory
– Practice
– Circuit admission (for days on the track)
– Circuit Card (for days on the track)
– Lunch/Snack
– Photos