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What you really need if you want to ride safely and enjoy yourself


8 Aprile
11 Giugno
9 Luglio

Misanino Kart Circuit
Min 12 moto
€ 190

What you really need if you want to ride safely and enjoy yourself

Our bikes mean enthusiasm, happiness and fun to us. Our personalities are reflected in the choices we make and as we are all different in how we look, how we sit, our style and our ability, obviously there isn’t just one perfect position that suits everyone.

Certain details and basic rules can be applied to us all, but all the rest is very personal.

Most of us buy a bike and then adapt ourselves to it, but by doing this we loose out on some safety factors and part of the enjoyment.

You just might find that improving safety and having a lot more fun is easier than you thought.

There’s a comfortable room where you can sit with friends and discuss technical details. Everyone can bring their own bike, so you can get to know each other better and learn more about what you’re most interested in – your bike.

One of our experts will be on hand to help you apply some inside knowledge to your own driving style, and you’ll go away feeling more confident and safer.

Choose one of our dates and join us, or book a special day just for you and your friends.

The price includes:
– Theory
– Practice
– Circuit entrance fee (x days on race track)
– Circuit membership card (x days on race track)
– Lunch / snack
– Photographs